iGalen’s Emulin® Executive Summary

By Dr. Joe Ahrens

ATM Metabolics LLC is a research team dedicated to the development of new and useful treatments for metabolic disorders using specific molecules isolated from plants. Emulin® is a product born from this concept: a completely natural safe compound that has the unique ability to manage glucose metabolic pathways and control inflammation, essential for normal, healthy well-being.

Since 2001, biochemist Daryl Thompson and physiologist Joe Ahrens have been working to bring Emulin™ to the public. Research on Emulin™ has been conducted at the world’s leading metabolic and diabetes centers showing a drop in fasting blood glucose by up to 33% compared to the control group (Ahrens & Thompson, J. Med. Food. 2013 Mar;16(3):211-5). Body measurement parameters reduced by up to 19%. The components of Emulin™ do not occur together in nature in a single plant, covered by 11 International and 2 US patents 7,943,164 and 8,198,319.

Emulin® works by binding to and up-regulating or down-regulating enzymes at critical control points associated with carbohydrate metabolism. Without Emulin® the body recognizes carbohydrates as a poison, resulting in constant chronic low-grade inflammation. This in many individuals leads to several inflammatory-linked diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, psoriasis, asthma, et al. In addition, the components of Emulin® work to inhibit an over-reactive inflammatory system by down-regulating a critical key enzyme responsible for the inflammatory cascade. Thus Emulin® not only corrects the problem at source, it also manages the downstream effects.

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Status and Vision

Emulin® as an OTC standalone, part of a functional food, or added to sugary or carbo-hydrate-rich foods, is well suited to support the body’s fight against diabetes, weight and sports energy management, chronic inflammation, or for any person choosing a healthy lifestyle. This is very much like the discovery of a new vitamin that is essential for normal healthy carbohydrate metabolism. Emulin® is not an unnatural diet “add-on” but was meant by nature to be a part of a normal, healthy diet. We theorize that through the carbohydrate refining process, the components of Emulin® have been left out of modern diets, thus contributing to diabetes, obesity, and inflammatory-induced disease epidemics. We envision Emulin® being universally added to foods and beverages, much as folate is added to bread to prevent birth defects, or taken as a supplement or as part of a functional food, to return people to good health.

Questions answered by Dr. Joe Ahrens:

1. Does it conflict with Statin Pills? No, there are no drug interactions, contains no down-regulators of CYP 450.

2. Does it affect anyone who has their Gallbladder removed? No, works through normal carbohydrate pathways, no artificial forcing of any systems. Emulin® should be part of everyone’s diet. But in particular related to fat metabolism, there is no influence.

3. What enzymes are required to break down the 3 ingredients in Emulin®? They are not broken down. They work on carbohydrate and inflammatory systems through binding with key enzymes. When released, they are eliminated through the skin and urinary tract. The half-life in the body is 4 days.

4. Does it affect heart patients, with Stent? And currently taking Brilinta, and Blood Pressure Medication? There are no drug interactions of any kind. It will improve cardiovascular health. They are flavonoids, which have shown to reduce arterial inflammation as well as make the vascular system more flexible.

5. What about people with Fatigue Adrenals? Only works on carbohydrate-related enzymes (inhibits amylase, inhibits glucose transporter 2, inhibits gluconeogenesis, stimulates glucose transporter 4, stimulates insulin production, improves insulin sensitivity, down-regulates TNF-alpha, inhibits fat cell development).

6. Does it affect Hypothyroidism clients? Hashimoto? Cancer Patients? It will protect against UV radiation, therefore anyone receiving radiation treatment for cancer should not take during treatment (it will reduce the effect of the radiation treatment). However, while no one is claiming that Emulin treats cancer, there is ample evidence that the components of Emulin® (Myricetin, chlorogenic acid, quercetin) are greatly anti-carcinogenic.

7. When inflammation levels are lowered in the body, what type of blood test could this be monitored by? Measure Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha.

8. Does your HS-CRP, Homocysteine, LP(a), change due to the reduction of inflammation? Yes, and most all downstream intermediary metabolites involved in the inflammatory cascade.

9. Kidney stones, Liver stones, gallbladder stones, does it conflict with the breakdown of the herbs? No

10. What makes Emulin® different than Berberine? Berberine is polycyclic quaternary ammonium salt. Emulin is composed of 3 bioflavonoids (polyphenolics with hydroxyl entities). Their mode of action is entirely unrelated. The position of the hydroxyl units on the flavonoids are the specific characterization of the active binding site, which locks to specific enzymes, either down-regulating or up-regulating the enzyme. Emulin is meant to be a part of a normal diet. We do not get enough, and therefore we must supplement our diets with it. Berberine is not and never has been a part of a normal diet. It is unnatural in that sense and is purely an herb-drug, which can be dangerous.

11. How long does the herb last in your bloodstream, before it dies off? For example; Vitamin C lasts about 2 hours, before its fully depleted. Half life is 4 days. A normal weight human is saturated at 750 mg/day.

12. The product claims up to 33% reduction of simple carbohydrate (sugar absorption), would that be the same if a person is eating fewer carbohydrates without usingEmulin®? What are your thoughts on that? Yes, the more expected amount is 20-25% less in the blood following ingestion of the carbohydrates. Part of this reduction is from less carbohydrates being available for absorption (inhibition of amylase), part from inhibition of glucose transporter 2 (less taken in from gut to bloodstream), and escorting sugar from blood into muscle and brain tissue (stimulation of glucose transporter 4). Therefore, there is less available effective calories from carbohydrates.


ATM Metabolics is exclusively a development company. We have licensed Emulin® to iGalen in the MLM space, where we feel there will be the most success at bringing this major discovery to market, and reducing, if not eliminating, major health and financial scourges. For more information or to try Emulin+ or to join our global team click here.

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