How to Handle Criticism

Criticism….how do you handle it? We have so many euro-pathways and habits that have been engrained and conditioned in us that when someone criticises you, you feel instantly offended or horrible and you even start second guessing yourself. But you feel that way because it’s a habit to feel that way but it can be changed by how you absorb information and what is the truth to you. Think about why you feel horrible when someone criticises you. Is it valid? Is there some truth to it? Does it hit home? When I get criticized I don’t feel bad about it at all, because it’s not an issue for me. It’s taken me years of practice but I’ve changed the way I take in information, sometimes depending on the source.

When someone starts criticizing me I thank them and listen and take in what I want because I am human and don’t know everything and they might actually have a valid point at something that I can do better at and that is their way of caring for me. But I know that what they think is not the way I think, and what they think doesn’t affect the way I think nor does if affect my life because I am the creator of my own reality and so are you! So next time someone says something to you that you know in your own heart is not true, remember one of the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz: Do not take anything personally. And never criticise someone for you have never walked in their shoes and you do not dream the same dreams. Some Angelism on a Monday for you to wind down from the long weekend with people that come from all walks of life, so accept everyones differences! ♥ @RinaChong

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