Attention Carb & Sugar Addicts!

I used to think my job tired me out and drained me then I started to blame old age getting to me. Not true. How your day goes is dictated by what kind of food you start your morning with. If you’re fuelling your temple with a ton of refined sugar like bagels, muffins, cereal, toast and jam, or gut-wrenching egg McMuffins, you will crash in the afternoon. Not to mention the type of sugary lunch you may have such as pasta, sandwiches, noodles, rice. That equals big time carb crashes and as a result, we suffer from prolonged carbohydrate toxicity that causes inflammation which leads to almost all modern diseases. Notice around 2 pm everyone is headed for coffee or those nasty-good-for-nothing sugar-loaded energy drinks? Imagine what your children are going through as well at school with their sugary snacks, it’s no wonder children are being diagnosed with type-2 diabetes at such an early age!

Have no fear – if you can’t get over it Emulin+ is the world’s 1st patented and natural carb manager. It contains a botanical mix called Emulin® that helps your body manage refined carbohydrates and goes hand in hand with the Keto diet. Because Emulin+ is natural, holistic, vegan, kosher, it IS safe for children, pets, breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women (gestational diabetes is on the rise).

Dr. Ahrens, our in-house scientist, identified three phytochemicals namely Emulin® at various key enzymatic control points that affect carbohydrates digestion, storage, and metabolism. These compounds have been left out in our modern day diets as we processed and refined our food. The three actives of Emulin® work together to protect your body and manage the ill effects of any excess carbs consumed.

…::: What Emulin+ Tackles :::…


Inflammation is the activation of the immunity in response to infection, irritation, or injury. Short-term (acute) inflammation is useful for the body. Long-term (chronic) inflammation can cause other diseases. Some of them can be life-threatening such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and more. Excessive consumption of refined carbohydrates can lead to inflammation.


Refined carbohydrates are carbohydrates that are processed to make them even more consumer-friendly and easier to store. These carbohydrates have been stripped of most – if not – of their nutrients and fiber. That is why they are referred to as “empty calories”. These type of food deplete your body of its vitamins and minerals during the digestion process. Even much worse, they will cause your blood sugar to rise rapidly.

Emulin® puts back into your body what evolution intended to be a part of our diets, but modern agriculture and food processing mercilessly took out. Today, we eat too many carbohydrates especially the highly-refined types, like starch and sugar.

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