Stem Cell Symposium – Aging in Reverse Naturally SOLD OUT EVENT

The World’s First Innovative Patented & Natural Superfood May Activate Stem Cell Activity 

Featuring Two Nobel Prize Nominated Scientists

Calgary, AB, Canada January 28, 2018 – Stem Cell Symposium – Aging in Reverse Naturally, to take place February 17th, 2018 at the Cardel Theatre. Stem Cell Symposium: Aging in Reverse Naturally is focused on the cellular and molecular repair of age-related damage as the basis of therapies which may bring aging under full control, safely and holistically. The source of most chronic disease is chronic inflammation which may lead to weight gain, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, auto-immune disease, heart disease, ADHD, depression, low energy, lack of focus, and many more. A new and natural stem cell releaser has been launched that may cause inherent stem cells to mature and help the body to produce new beta cells, new brain cells, new nerve cells and assist the body with healthy-aging and repair.

This sold out event is a joint effort of two highly distinguished and respected Nobel Prize-nominated Scientists – Dr. Stefano Scoglio (2017 nominee) and Dr. Joe Ahren’s (2015 & 2016 nominee). This afternoon will provide a platform for health-minded people and the existing scientific community that already works on damage repair and, at the same time, offers interested scientists understanding of the current state of this exciting new field of biomedical research and products. Learn how to also manage inflammation by addressing the current refined carb/sugar crisis with a low carb or ketogenic diet, coupled with a natural carb chaperone.

Dr. Scoglio, straight from Italy, with over 24 years of research in the AFA space for his breakthrough research in the stem cell arena has produced 8 clinical trials, 10 scientific publications and 6 patents to his name. He has found a way to use the world’s first superfood to regenerate cellular health and studies have shown the effectiveness of his patented extracts in areas such as depression and anxiety, menopausal symptoms, ADHD, and the list goes on but most important the stimulation of neuronal stem cells and the fight against neurodegenerative diseases. Dr. Scoglio is also now focusing on the deepening of the research on the stem cells activity of the extracts that make up the unique, patented-protected proprietary product Klamax®.

Dr. Joe Ahrens was nominated twice for the prestigious Nobel Prize based on his work in carbohydrate metabolism and metabolic diseases. He received his BS from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville in animal physiology and an MS and PhD from the University of Florida and he has authored and served as the editor of numerous scientific and technical papers/book chapters, and holds several international patents in biology.

Due to yet another recession in Alberta, the ripple effect has affected the entire nation and we will offer insight on the ‘new YOU economy’ and how the growing unemployment rate through layoffs with the ripple effects across our nation affects how we eat, how we think and how we feel and how it can be mitigated through proper education, research through biotechnology and the collaboration of community through global efforts as we link arms in the battle against the business cycles and think outside of the box.

Spend a fun and educational time learning why these scientists are taking North America by storm. The stories and testimonies unfold as Canada opens the door for iGalen, a premier biotech company focused on overall cellular antiaging with Health Canada approval.

Who: Dr. Stefano Scoglio & Dr. Joseph Ahrens
What: Stem Cell Symposium – Aging in Reverse
When: February 17th, 2018

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