Stop Thinking Business and Put People First

No matter which business or industry you’re in, business is not about the product or service, it’s all about relationships and getting to know people on a deeper level. Many people pitch it the other way, and make it about themselves and how great they are and how great their product or service is. If you pitch me, I want to know what’s in it for me? How can my life be enhanced by your product or service? But the most important part of the process is how do you know that I need anything from you? So instead of pitching, start asking questions about the other person and have a genuine interest in others.

My inbox is inundated with messages such as: “Check this video out on my new product.” “You look like someone who would be great for my business.” “Hi, I have a ground floor opportunity and it’s coming in your area.” “Hi, I have a marketing agency that will help your business grow.” “Hi, can you help me out I’m looking to expand my business.” Realize that your life is not about you. Your life is about everyone that you touch – every life that you enhance. Your life has nothing to do with you.

I have been in corporate sales and I have been in sales for my own businesses and that has brought me to where I am now; I am a Professional Network Marketer aka Professional Relationship Developer. You may have the best product or service but first off, how do you know that I need it if you don’t have a genuine interest in my life? How do we know we can help someone if we don’t ask questions about the other person and take a genuine interest in their lives?

People have this stigma about network marketers and I get it, oh trust me, I get it, but take notice that many traditional businesses, in fact, do the exact same thing. They lead with the business first and if you aren’t interested you never hear from them again. With the fierce competition out there that’s definitely not the way to go about it in these times, especially when people change careers and companies like it’s going out of style. I say this because if you were to quit your current company, would your people follow you? If not then you haven’t built strong enough relationships. Only when you become the source of giving people what you want, so that they can have it, you step into the divine creation that you were born to be. A humble servant and a Lightworker.

I experienced two of the worst 1st connections over the phone this week. I connected with these people on a business app and I always like to have a video conference call or at least a voice call before meeting up in person. They were the most painful 20 minutes of my life. I got pitched the entire time, they never asked me one question and the first guy even said that he wasn’t trying to pitch! I really liked both of their products but from those conversations, it told me they really didn’t care about me, they just wanted a sale. When you stop making your life about you, you, you, God, the Universe, will move mountains for what you want in life. What you put out into the world you will receive 10 fold of what you put out there.

With all the people we have met in our lifetime, it is impossible to keep track of every conversation so I suggest that people create a spreadsheet to track their conversations with people and do follow-ups in a timely matter and never send duplicate information. It’s always nice to call someone up and ask them about their daughter’s ballet rehearsal or how their husband’s surgery went the last time you spoke because you can see from your spreadsheet what you spoke about.

At the end of the day, you want to build rapport. Never pitch or ask someone to help you when you don’t know them. Chances are you will be wasting your efforts. Even when someone says no to you, someone that cares will still follow up to see how they’re doing. The people that always show up will eventually get that yes! When you start being of service to others, you’ll see that everything starts to fall into place for you. What you want, wants you, it’s all about the process.

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