You May Have Been Sold a Lie

I’m going to be brutally honest with you because I truly care. Network marketing is easy. Network marketing is a get rich quick easy way to the top. Network marketing will only take a couple of years to build and you’re set to become a multi-millionaire! If someone told you that then they were sold a lie. Let me put this into perspective, what we do by RELATIONSHIP BUILDING, SHARING, and EDUCATING is easy and FUN! There is no sugar coating with me, you need to be pushed to the limits and if someone is patting you on the back for doing one 3-way call a week or sponsoring one person a month then you’re not being pushed to your potential and your business will never take off. TRUTH: A plane needs SPEED to take off!

Now, what’s not easy, and why most people fail and quit after a few months or 2 years is because it’s too difficult to spend at a minimum one hour a day executing money making activities such as following up, asking for the close, adding more people to the pipeline, meeting people face to face day in and day out, being excited, getting rejected, not getting immediate results, being organized and dedicated for a few years of their life working a proven system long and hard, with dedication and conviction.

However… they’ll always do it for someone else. They’ll make a list, cold call, get rejected, dial 20 numbers in a minute and stay organized and on top of things for what a boss thinks you’re worth and pay you just enough to come back and even cap it at some point. I was there. When I accepted the salary I was offered back in my corporate days – and back then it was a pretty good number, I accepted my worth and like most, it came with a new ball and chain and a cap. I worked the hardest for every company until I truly knew my worth and my why and I finally broke free!

There is a reason why you joined and MLM and it varies from person to person. Perhaps you are tired of working the traditional business model that is failing people – failing to meet people’s ultimate dreams. Maybe you want more time with your family, or you want to pay off some debt, or you want to go on that dream vacation you’ve been daydreaming about for years. Maybe you have a huge desire to help others, and the list goes on. Do YOU know your WHY?

Some of you may be reading this and it may have sparked something in you again. What I believe is truly difficult is slaving away for someone else while building someone else’s empire, being told what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Driving back and forth wasting time in traffic. Clocking in, clocking out, working with people you are forced to like, hating on your boss, watching people eat unhealthy food at the office, attending another office party with a fake smile and socializing with people that you would not ever socialize with outside of the office. What about not being validated or given credit for ideas that you came up with, and the worst – not knowing whether your livelihood will be salvaged when the market goes down and the company needs to lay off their employees because employees are an expense.

You may not have to imagine that after 10 or 40 work years of hard work that you are still not where you wanted it to be in life, and that you were defined by your job title and it’s too late to start anything new or go back to school or you end up broke. Now that’s hard!

I can’t promise you that you will be successful at this profession, however, I can promise that if you do the work, be coachable, work the ‘system’ (not your idea of the system), plug away at it and do your daily money-making activities, you WILL be successful! In the network marketing profession, our people are our greatest assets!

I want YOU to be successful because you totally DESERVE it and this is YOUR vehicle to get there – a brand new GT Venom Spyder is already built for you, the fastest car in the world! You just need to learn how to drive it. So by working smarter, not harder, you will get to your dreams faster! Listen, the products sell itself, and anyone can learn a compensation plan – so in order for your business to grow, internal work is imperative, personal development is the work that needs tending to first and foremost. We don’t slang vitamins, we don’t recruit, we build a solid foundation of belief in ourselves and we have a massive vision.

I love this quote by Anthony Robbins: If you talk about it, it’s a dream, if you envision it, it’s possible, but if you schedule it, it’s real.” So what is it worth to you and your family to sacrifice a few years to create an abundance of what wealth means to you? What will it cost you if you don’t buckle down and get serious about creating a residual income?

To start your own business in a box it will cost anywhere from $100 – $1300 CAD. If you don’t have that to spare to start a ready-made business then you really need to get on board! People are taking out loans for $50,000 to start their own business with no guarantee that they will succeed, no support, not enough experience or training!

If you are already in an MLM or have been an MLM jumper and you can’t seem to move forward with your current system that is built for you, literally a business in a box with market research already done and paid for, patents paid for, your very own website professionally created, a back-office tracking system for sales, a great support group and people who are on the same path to their dreams, then I hate to break it to you but that bright shiny new business that someone else told you about, with an ‘easier’ system and a better comp plan will not be easier. You must stay focused, dedicated and true to your team.  You will have to do the same work. Do not be fooled that because if you don’t have the work ethic in this profession, then you won’t have it when you decide to get a bank loan to open up a traditional business. Now that’s a marriage unforeseen!

What you want wants you. And to have the greatest of anything takes hard work! I love you all and truly want the best for you so keep the faith, the vision and keep at it! Your dreams are just around the corner!!

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