Network Marketers, Stop Doing This!

Is anyone else tired of these spam text messages? If you’re a network marketer and you’re spamming people with these, STOP! Please stop –  get a new mentor, get professional training and stop giving our profession a bad rap.

This is a complete waste of your time and my time. In addition to my last post about people connecting only to pitch their product/service, this is another example of poor and unprofessional business conduct, in any profession.

1st off, this person is an MLM jumper, meaning there is no dedication to one company and someone who is always off to the next great big, shiny and sparkly company. People do not follow MLM jumpers. Network marketing is not about the product/service, it’s about building genuine and lasting relationships and fostering leaders. So if you’re wondering why people will not join you it’s because they know you’re not going to stick around to help them. People can tell when you just want to use them.

2nd, I don’t even know this person. They attended one of my presentations and knows very well that I was the first person to launch my company into North America and even if I didn’t, he never took the time to develop a relationship with me. Again, you may have the best product or service, however, if I don’t know you or trust you I will not be your customer no would I refer anyone to you.

3rd, how would he know I would be a great fit? It’s not true that all network marketers recruit ‘everyone’. Desperation can be spotted a mile away. The beauty of this profession is that we get to choose whom we want to work with and not everyone will possess the qualities that I am looking for in a leader. No matter what industry or profession you’re in, I just want you to succeed.

We are in the people helping people business so if you want your business to grow, find a good mentor and if you can’t find one physically there are many great mentors that have authored books and there are a plethora of YouTube videos out there. One book I highly recommend to my team amongst a few others is the Organic Networker by Kosta Gara. Remember, passion is what creates intention and what you put out there you will always get back ten-fold!

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