11 Ways to be HAPPY!

YOU are WORTHY and you are a LOVING being with high INTEGRITY to help others and you have big dreams just waiting for you around the corner!
Below are my top 11 ways to be HAPPY!
1. Before you get your day started, before you look at your phone: Ask what is most important for you right now and what your INTENTIONS are for the day.
2. Let go of what you cannot control and what no longer serves you – be a HEALTER to thy SELF.
3. GIVE before asking and be OPEN to RECEIVING.
4. Know that YOU are the SOURCE of well being – you are the MASTER at the state of being, a DELIBERATE creator.
5. Catch your negative thoughts and turn them around to a POSITIVE – cancel, cancel, cancel all bad thoughts that do not serve you.
6. Stop talking about the past, even if it’s for a story you want to share – talk about your VICTORIES and new FUTURE.
7. MANIFEST – Write down your goals (BLUE ink, WHITE paper) and have fun imagining your dreams come true.
8. Spend time with people that are CHEERING you on – SHIFT your frequency by being around people that make you feel GOOD.
9. Stop being so hard on yourself. You are EXPANDING and doing your BEST!
10. Find your own ways to always, always deliberately FEEL GOOD and CONFIDENT all the time – raise your VIBRATION.
11. BE ALL IN! 111% be PASSIONATE, be FREE, FEEL the ABUNDANCE and be HAPPY. I PROMISE that your vibe attracts your tribe! 
The list could go on and on… I would love to hear your tips!
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