Calling for Hot Leads!

If you’re like many Network Marketers you may probably be more focused on sponsoring (aka recruiting) instead of being product focused, that’s great but we must not forget. Often we get so caught up trying to find business builders to partner up with that we often miss out on the most important leads in our business! Those leads are your current customers and if they are happy customers then you can consider them as HOT LEADS!

In your back office, there should be a section that has a list of all your retail transactions. If you’re great at online marketing, you may even find orders from people you don’t even know. That’s why it’s a good idea to go through that list every day or every other day. You don’t want days to go by without acknowledging and thanking a new customer.

This is a great chance for you to contact them and introduce yourself, thank them for their order and to also introduce them to your customer auto-ship program if your company has one. Follow up with your customers today and give them some loving, let them know that you are just following up to see how they’re loving their products and that you’re available for them. Continue to build a solid relationship by genuinely getting to know them by always showing up in their lives. Don’t be that annoying network marketer that pitches every time they reach out, that will put a wall between you and they won’t want to connect again if that’s all you’re contacting them about.

If it’s your first time connecting you could say, for example: “Hi Sarah, I’m so happy that you’re loving your products, and I’m sure you’re getting tons of compliments. I wanted to share that if you join me as a distributor, you can actually get your products at wholesale pricing which will be even more of a discount on top of the customer auto-ship, and save even more money! When you share your results with others you can send them directly to your website, just like how you ordered from mine, and you can actually, earn income when you refer them to your site and sign them up! Do you have a few minutes so I could share more?” If they don’t have time say “Would tomorrow morning or afternoon work for you?”

BOOM! Now you can move that ‘customer’ onto your ‘PROSPECT’ list!

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