MLM Book Review: Organic Networker by Kosta Gara

How to Build an Organic Network Marketing Team to Over 200,000 Distributors

Organic Networker is considered to be the New Bible; for network marketing by the industry’s top 75 millionaires. It stimulates considerable thought that takes you far beyond a how-to book. Interwoven throughout are Kosta’s 12 Organic Principles for Success, giving you practical, straight-forward tips for turning adversity into victory. You will be embraced with the knowledge and wisdom to build the inner strength necessary to achieve a level of success that will change your personal and professional life forever.” ~Amazon

To end this year strong and to get a head start for 2019, this past week I started to re-read Kosta’s book, Organic Networker and decided to do a review because it has helped me immensely to build a massive team and replace my corporate income. So if you are building a home-based business or any business for that matter, or you are looking for the right MLM company to join, I highly suggest reading this book front to back as soon as possible. After reading this book and learning about the real struggles Kosta had, it made me realize how lucky most of us are to have been born in Canada or America. And you have the same opportunity to build a great career and legacy in this amazing profession!

I met Kosta nearly a decade ago in Vancouver and we became friends instantly – I loved his style, his energy, his business sense and most of all his utmost honesty, respect, and love for the MLM profession.  Kosta is a highly respected international networker and corporate executive. His direct sales organizations have spanned to more than 30 countries, and his most recent venture is in the energy drink market with accumulative sales in excess of $300 million!! He is definitely a person that you want to follow and in his book, learn how.

In Kosta’s book, there is no airy-fairy sell on big dreams that building a network marketing business can achieve. He goes over his 12 organic principles for limitless wealth that no other book or mentor has ever taught – it is informative, educational and motivational but what I like best is that he is more about the mechanics of the business: structures, systems, and style. His principles were not something he made up but more of his life experiences and how he overcame every obstacle to get him to where he is now and I bet most of you reading this didn’t have to have a smuggler help you escape where you live. This book is not only like an action movie of his journey but it is packed with multi-level strategies and tips for creating massive growth in any business, not just MLM.

In our profession, there is a huge learning curve for anyone new and you must possess a massive burning desire for your dreams and have a great mentor and leadership team and if you don’t, this book IS the MLM Bible! As you will read, Kosta had a burning desire for his dreams as a young boy which led him on his incredible journey of escaping the tyranny of the Iranian government to pursue his dream for freedom after being in jail at 13!! A true rags to riches tale of a man who developed his strength, character and success by doing whatever it took – authoring two best sellers on Amazon on the topics of direct sales and marketing and blessed countries all over the world by speaking to massive audiences and sharing his journey and the system that he created which helped him grow team(s) of over 200,000 distributors worldwide!

I highly recommend this book to you and your entire team because back in my days of building an MLM I had a big brick phone and a paper map and as you know with technology and social media, times have changed and Kosta teaches you how to build in these modern and sophisticated times on a higher level with style and grace! My life and the way I do business has completely changed thanks to this book! Check it out and get your FREE copy here.

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