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Often external matters that are surface-based, and those that are superficial, prevaricates us from the ultimate goal of our soul; our reason for being. If you look around; notice your surroundings. What would certain events matter in years from now and how does allowing the right, positive people into your journey affect your progress; and most importantly do you recognize the tools and lessons that are presented to you for your growth? How are you using them? Do you find that you are constantly being presented the same situation over and over again? Until you tune into your soul, and unlearn what you’ve learned about your beliefs of the world and of yourself, and really look into what these opportunities mean for your progress you will continue to experience the same situations over and over until you have learned. Then you will be presented a new lesson and let’s hope it’s not the same one.

There’s a poem called ‘A Reason, Season or a Lifetime’. I remember receiving this in my late teens and if you have never read it then check it out here We must understand that throughout our lifetime(s) we encounter the most wonderful people that enlighten us and give us a new meaning to life. We also encounter those that make life difficult and hurt us in ways we feel we could never overcome. Everyone is doing their part in our lives as we are doing our part in theirs. Certain people are in our lives for a reason, good or bad; however, that doesn’t mean that you should continue to allow the negative people to stay in your life. They are not your lesson and you are not theirs. You should know when to cut them loose. That is why surrounding yourself with people that are on the same level, or realm, of reality and consciousness is very important for your journey. Let’s just say that ‘the Secret’ wasn’t that much of a secret. Who you attract is an emanation of yourself. If you want to be successful you must surround yourself with successful people. If you are an alcoholic then you will most likely attract and hang out with alcoholics. The people around you are a mirror of you. And if you think they aren’t you may want to delve deeper and ask yourself what is their purpose in your life and vice versa.

Our friends are our friends because we all have a commonality. Depending on what that commonality is may in fact be what could be holding you back from being the best you can be or bringing out the best in you. And if anybody says you can’t, or you shouldn’t, just hear them out then dump their opinion because theirs doesn’t matter. It’s not their dream and anyone that has ever had a dream and actually made it come true would tell you to go for it. If what you have in common with these people are detrimental to your health you must lead them off your path. They don’t bring anything to the table and will be energy suckers and will only slow you down in reaching your goals.

This brings me into thought patterns. What is your way of thinking; are your thoughts owned by you or did they develop on behalf of how others think or what they taught you. How do your thoughts affect you and those around you? How will putting them to fruition get you to where you’re going? Thoughts are only actions if you act on them. If you can think it you can do it. If the thought was even merely possible then bringing them to reality is not far behind. I went to meditate and listen to the teachings of Buddha and he had mentioned ‘Monkey Brain’ or ‘Monkey Mind’. Those are Buddhist terms meaning confused, uncontrollable or capricious thinking. This Monkey Brain often develops when a person is living on an unconscious level which distracts you from the true reality of your existence and purpose. Be aware of your thoughts. Override any negative thoughts with positive thoughts. If the goodness of your temple starts from within then control your mind, don’t let your mind control you. You know the saying ‘you are what you eat’…well you are who you think. Happy being worldings!

w/♥ Rina

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