Success is based on YOU!

Glorious morning, Earthlings!! Are you having fun? Are you enjoying every precious moment life has to offer or how many times do you want to go through something over and over again? How about a dozen bad relationships, or jobs that clearly do not fit you, or even those negative friends? You have only one life to live so live it to its fullest and to best that you can make it. Forget what people have to say, don’t let their opinions and their limitations limit you, get rid of those people and never-mind what they think of you. Success is based on your own values and desires, not someone else’s.

I’m sure there is much gratification working in the field that you work in but are you really satisfied? I know so many people that work for someone else’s company and are clearly not satisfied nor are they respected; all the while they are actually helping that person live out their dreams. Do what you want. Stop making excuses. Yes, I get it, you need to live and support your family or your luxurious lifestyle, so you need that 2 week pay cheque.┬áChasing the paper. Find something you enjoy, work for someone you actually like, work for a company that resonates with your beliefs. I’m not saying quit your job tomorrow and that’s that, just slowly transition yourself into a situation that makes you fell better! Go for your dreams, have people work for you one day.

People around you. We are all made up of energy. Don’t let negative people drain the energy out of you. You may not have a choice to be around them at work or with family, I get it, but you have all the power to change the way they affect you. I have to do a lot of deflecting and being non-judgemental but at the end of the day, I have saved myself. Just thank those negative people and unappreciative people in your life because it makes you a better person then move on. Either start cutting them out slowly or the best way is to just tell them honestly, for they do not know and we cannot assume that they are the way they are because they are doing it purposely. And there is nothing wrong about them being them but if it doesn’t make you happy or healthy, CUT! Next. It’s your life, what right do they have to tell you how to live yours? These people that you think you should be listening to, are they doing what you desire? Most likely not and if they are then yes, guidance from them should be welcomed.

Focus on how you are feeling while you are getting to your destination, being happy is the only way to be. If you’re not having fun and smiling daily that is a complete waste of a day. Life is to be enjoyed, it should not be about the stresses that society puts on us. The start to any changes in life begin with your thoughts. Think outside the box and you will see a world that you never even existed! You have one chance at life, make sure the pages of the book you are writing is worth reading and a best seller. Your parents and kids will be proud! <3 @RinaChong xos

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