Are you Empowered or Dis-empowered?

Are you really in control? Who are you getting your information from and who are they getting their information from? Everything on earth is controlled. Our food is being controlled with GMOs and convenience, our health is being controlled by health ‘care’ systems where most people are living their lives taking prescription medication for the rest of their lives. Absolutely disgusting. Our transportation is even being controlled by toll bridges, borders and most of all people are being controlled by the most outrageous poison out there that is being pumped into our systems from the very moment we wake up to the moment before we retire at night, and that is the media. How does media control? They control what is important for people to fit into society, they control what they want us to know about government, they control the dreams that we should have; they pretty much control what we know about the world today. They are very, very clever to have designed a marketing plan that is created to hypnotize us through movies, TV shows, news, books, music, radio, magazines, newspapers, etc. Seriously, who gives a crap if Lindsay Lohan missed her court date? But for some reason that ’empowers’ people in away that someone of that stature is in that much trouble. People used to watch Jerry Springer because it made them feel better about themselves. So sad. Look at sports and celebrities for example, they don’t get paid chump change to play and entertain people for nothing. It’s all to keep us entertained and from actually thinking about what’s going on out there in the world. Remember, any information that was not researched yourself and heard by the source by your own ears may not be the truth. Get it? Notice how when you tell someone where you are going for travels they are quick to tell you that they heard or read that the place you are visiting is dangerous and you shouldn’t go there. They must not have taken a trip to Surrey, BC, or even down town Vancouver these days. You don’t know anything unless you have been there yourself so stop acting like you know everything based on what you read or saw on the news and then spreading it. Like a disease.

I always tell people to kill their TVs. In fact, I was at dim sum yesterday and the topic of conversation was about some girls that just got freed from after being locked up for over 10 years…I had not heard of it and everyone said it had been on the news for over a week now and it’s been all over social media networks. I pick and choose the news I want to read about on the web but the last week I was so busy with the Miss World Canada pageant that I barely had a moment to myself and in those moments my first choice is certainly not to catch up on ‘news’. The news does not control me, it does not control the way I think or feel. I don’t know how some people are so hooked to a story that they consume their lives with it, breath it as if they were living it. I still have yet to check out the story but I have a pretty good idea of how sick that asshole was and that kind of energy is not for me. People say it’s good to know. To know what? That there are 2 dead babies found under a kitchen sink? You’ve got to be kidding me. Why the hell do I need to know about that shit?

Mysticism: Self-delusion is the dictionary definition; it’s like believing outside influence control you; an abnormal way of thinking that was developed through a prolonged period of training and conforming the mind unconsciously. People need to get a grip and live as a cause (taking control, taking 100% responsibility, creating your own reality) not as an effect. I know that life is full of surprises and that there are things that are out of your control when the cause is by someone else therefore you will have to live in effect, by default, and when awareness sets in you should automatically get back to cause. AWARENESS. CONSCIOUSNESS. Reprogramming of your neuro-pathways to stop living life as if you have no control over yours.  C’est la vie. That’s life. It is what it is. I’m sure you’ve heard all three sayings before. When I think about those sayings, I imagine someone throwing up their hands in the air while saying them with look of faith in emptiness as they are just about to pull the plug. All three sayings are complete cop outs from people who just don’t give a shit about making any changes. Mysticized, if you will. Those are the ones that say that life is about sacrifices, struggles, losses, hardships, back pain for life, settling down with a man that abuses, family drama, negative, negative, negative. Really? Holy crap, if that is what life is about can someone please load the gun and pass it to me?

What do you want to be in life? I’m not asking what you want to do when you grow up, I’m asking how do you want to live your life? The only destination we have is death so how do you want to get there? How do you want to enjoy the ride? Are you empowered by nutrients, personal development, exercise, truth or are you being dis-empowered by pharmaceuticals, brainwashing, drama, TV, keeping up with the Jones’? Get your power back by turning off your TV, getting off that medication and living a reality that is yours to create. Do your research. Life is a miracle and should be lived with love and conviction. USE YOUR VOICE! If you’re not making someone’s life better then clearly you aren’t able to make yourself better. Be well and be the light that show’s up through the cracks. We need more positivity, we need more love and that will spill truth. You may think that you, as a single person, cannot make a change, then you are wrong to not even try and are dis-empowered. You are special. You were born out of love. You were born to win. You were born once.


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