The Blessed Ability to Give Back

With everything that’s going on in this world we need to stop and take a moment  and be thankful for our first world problems. When you’re car breaks down be thankful you have a car. Then when you get that big bill, be thankful that you have a job to be able to pay that bill and if that cuts into the vacation you were saving up for then be grateful that you are healthy enough to travel and suck it up. When we are blessed to be living in a developed country where we have clean water, shelter, grocery stores and job opportunities, we tend to forget about the rest of the world. Have you ever driven down Hastings or been in a rough area in your city and thought that it was disgusting and that those people should get a haircut and get a real job? If it was that easy don’t you think they would have done that already? Before you judge, remember, no matter how they got there, that there was a point in their lives where they were a child, a mother, a father, a brother or a sister to someone, and with misfortune and bad decisions that is now the way they live. And this is happening in our developed countries! It makes me so sad to hear people talk shit about them and think they are so high brow when they can’t even be part of the solution.

Everyone deserves love
Everyone deserves love

Now imagine the people in the 3rd world countries. Most people would cringe at the thought of how they live; no clean water, sometimes even no water, homeless, families gone perhaps murdered, no nutrients, no love. Most people turn a blind eye to the needs of these human beings, why? Is it because they are not able to help them or because they choose not to? The world is abundant and we just need more Angels working on Earth, spreading their wings and giving for the sake of enhancing someone else’s life because they are able. People born in 3rd world countries don’t have a choice on how their lives are going to be. They are just born into it. We have kids running away from beautiful homes in 1st world countries that have families that do their best to raise them but they have a choice and that choice is to run away onto the streets. I never figured that one out. We have parents that let their kids take advantage of them with material things and junk food and the kids themselves are ungrateful. That is their choice.

You have the keys to every door of opportunity
You have the keys to every door of opportunity

Many people ask me what I do and I always say I have fun and I love. Does it really matter what I do or more importantly how I feel when I do it? One of my projects that I am proud of and want to share with you on a different level is Lyoness. Many of you may know that it is a cash back loyalty program and some of you do not know that and some of you may think you already know everything. If that is the case then I challenge you to continue reading. I want to share with you, today, why I am a business developer for Lyoness. Everything I do gives back. I don’t work for myself, I work so I can help others. I have been blessed with the ability to give back to my fellow human beings and I have been blessed with all of the tools to do so. In this economic downturn I see retail shops closed out on almost every street in Vancouver. I always wonder how on earth are these people making money for their retail rent and on top of their own living rent? The competition is high and everyone is in the same boat. You watch TV and it’s all about cheap food, 4 course dinner for $14.95. I walked past 2 restaurants the other day, one was advertising $15 lobster and one had a $15 steak and lobster dinner. Many retails stores are having blow out sales even closing out sales. We are all feeling it and if we are feeling how much worse can the worst of all countries  be feeling? We are about to hit recession #2 and slide into a global growth without the ‘growth’ more like ‘slowth’ that will cripple our developed economies. This shift will affect everyone.

We are all looking at the same moon
We are all looking at the same moon

Businesses are already saying that they can’t afford to hand out deals like they want to but can’t take the cut and that they can’t seem to get new clients in their door and they don’t have the time to do it even though no one is in their store. Hmmmm…ok, so they want to give but they can’t, they want to attract new clients but don’t have the time and it’s clear that they need a new marketing plan. The laws of attraction. Whatever you put out to the Universe, the Universe returns it 10 fold. Lyoness is a kick ass global marketing plan that is Karmic. Your business will take a turn when you make the choice to make a right turn. If whatever you’re doing isn’t working then it’s time to close shop or do something new. It is what it is. NOT! When you decide to put your business on the map with this marketing plan the following video about the Nelson Mandela primary school that opened in Qunu, South Africa is what you and your business and your new clients would have been a part of. Being an impact of the lives of children and families is very commendable and very marketable. Take some time to think about your business and your stance in this world. Not only can you and your business be a part of the largest shopping community in the world but you can be a part of something that really does make a difference in the world by a decision to make it happen, the decision of giving back. If you are interested in learning more on how we can all benefit from every day consumerism, please email me at You can make a difference and your business is thriving because TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG and what’s happening out there doesn’t have to let it affect us in the next decade. Wishing you a prosperous day. @RinaChong

THIS is what's happening in the world!
THIS is what’s happening in the world!
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