The US Economy ‘Slowth’: My Opinion

I should have been an economic forecaster as I remember telling my friends that they haven’t seen the worst of the recession yet. Everyone, including myself, kept saying that they didn’t feel it but in economics there isn’t anything that is ever half assed and you’ll definitely know it when it hits you. So here we are, entering round 2 of the recession. Ding ding ding! Like fashion, history always repeats itself but maybe we could have had a little more time for it to actually be history first. Yeesh. I think the only people celebrating in 2008 were the LVMH group and those that were buying from them like it was going out of style. Things aren’t looking so sexy for the U.S. as their recovery is not in recovery mode, more like a coma mode and I feel sorry for poor Mr. President Obama, going into his second term with yet another battle to face and this time a double shot of recession times 10 fold worse, devastatingly worse not to mention the modern battles. Although his promises were dreamy for more workers and higher pay for America, it’s not looking so good. We all have dreams and hopes but in this case some investors are about to have a devastating nightmare, if their aren’t already living out their nightmare. There are people stealing food for their families. It’s so sad.

I spent 12.21.12, ‘the end of the world’ day over at Light House Park in West Vancouver, BC and meditated, did some hiking, thought about how lucky we were that world did not end and pondered about the ‘shift’ that was to come. Were aliens going to land? That would be exciting! That’s when the hurricanes started happening and I felt that a major natural disaster was what was going to hit. Shit has to hit the fan before the undergoing of major surgery, right? Then I started to think about last year and how it was brutal for mining as people in the industry for light years were jumping ship and leaving Vancouver early 2013 to only God knows where. You can run but you can’t hide is what this diversion of hope for investors is now saying as it comes clean. Shit is going down because what goes up must come down and that includes China and it doesn’t look like there is a net big enough to catch a fall that high. Wait, now Russia and China are collaborating? I’m not an analyst and I don’t believe everything I read or hear but you put two and two together and these days it’s adding up to…who knows what! Every day you read more and more about the economic downfall and now I know that the day I spent at Lighthouse Park thinking about what was in store for us wasn’t about anything natural, although aliens would be more natural than what the evil material dollar that was never worth anything anyways and now it’s going to tear nations apart therefore sending us kicking and screaming into a new paradigm; the ‘shift’ that was predicted but not so clear on the consortium of companies that own our hard earned cash. Hmmmm….

Good thing I’m headed off to Calgary for a contract then adiós amigos as I go on to live what life was meant for. Experiences. Becoming unattached. People are dying of war and starvation and everyone is worried about losing their homes and stocks. If this is the ‘shift’ then I get it. I remember reading about what the ‘end’ was gong to be, they said it was something that we are all supposed to be going through and having to go through together because this is going to ‘eff’ everybody up from their savings, homes, and even to their families if they don’t rise above it now. Besides a few booming cities and developing countries the rest of the world isn’t exploding with expansion and new growth and it’s the stocks that are going to plummet. And if you don’t think so you must have a really good stockbroker that is feeding you lots of ‘hope’ pills. And if you know what those stocks are please share.

The money from Central banks cannot keep producing more money out of air, it’s just not sustainable and the jig is up. Someone told me the other day that the only way that the U.S. can get back to par is to burn a bunch of homes down thus creating a stronger housing market, new jobs; great idea! Not. I’m not trying to be a downer because that’s not me and I don’t listen to hear say but this is the research that I have done myself and you don’t have to to believe me, do your own research. My whole point about this is that when it comes down to it are you ready to let go, become unattached to the riches and wealth that you are accustomed to to salvage your health, your family? The really important things that truly matter. The days of buying a home, flipping it and making double is long gone. The days when you could open up a store and have a flood of new customers doesn’t happen. We are all in the same boat. Start letting go of things you don’t need and start giving more. Invest in something tangible and something that won’t take you down with it. Do your research on whatever you’re investing in, weather it’s a company, place, or person. Due diligence. Smart investing. I have no clue what’s going to happen but no matter what, your health is the most important asset you can have that no one can take away, not even the worst recession of them all. Don’t let the stress of material take you down. You can have all the wealth in the world but when that is taken away the only thing that will every keep one going is their positive attitude, health, and the ability to love. @RinaChong

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