What’s Your Attitude?

As I reflect on the last couple of weeks it takes me back to the whole year. In fact, the more I experience and the more people I meet the more I realize how important our attitudes are. And let me tell you that the more positive you are the more you will notice the Negative Nelly’s out there. However, the more aware you are of your own emotions the more you are able to deflect and brush those people off. A positive attitude in any situation, at any time is more important than material things, education, street smarts, success, winning the lottery, the car you drive, the job you have. It supersedes any skills you have, your angelic appearance or what you were gifted with or anything you inherited. Your attitude can make or break your day and affect those around you, not to mention that it can do the same to your relationship, business, family, and friendships all affecting the way our cells react.

You have a choice every morning when you wake up, a choice in every situation that arises; you have a choice of how you will react to everything and what you allow in your life. Life isn’t about coincidences, it is about the opportunities to gain wisdom that come your way and how you grasp them. Will you welcome them or fight them? Will you pass your lesson or continue with the same habits that ultimately grant you with the same outcome over and over again? Positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes. When you are aware that you your cells react to how you think you will realize that when you think bad thoughts your cells will automatically feel bad because your brain is telling them that they are supposed to feel bad. Now imagine what the good thoughts do. Your thoughts are what leads your body, your future and your ultimate success. In the last few months I’ve had to cut out the negative people that do me and my cells no good. I can’t believe some of the things people say and do and how poorly they react to things and let it consume their minds while emanating it on to others. I used to want to help them, I used to believe I could but what ends up happening through empathy was sucking the energy, the positive energy, out of me so I had to shut the doors to them. Sometimes you have to let go to save your Self.

If I could only share with you all of the b.s. that people where shoving into my ear lately; the drama, all the negative venting, empty promises, idle threats, backstabbing, one person even screamed at the top of their lungs yelling words that I would not even wish onto my enemies. With so much going on out there, it’s no wonder people are always asking me how I stay positive all the time. Let me share something with you, my deflecting powers have been wearing thin but I have the power to decide how I’m going to let it affect me. When you are aware you have total control. Anything to make you feel good NOW is ultimately your goal. Yes, you will feel how you feel because you are only human (another cop out saying) but you also control how long you want to be in that negative space for. And I believe we are more than human; we are amazing spirits with powers beyond our beliefs, some people just haven’t unleashed them. So the next time you decide you want to be the rain on the parade, ask yourself if you would be happy if someone else did that to you. Next time someone is putting their negative energy on you, just walk away from it. It’s their issues, not yours and unless you are getting paid to babysit or play therapist there are many other people out there just waiting to feed off your positive attitude. If you’re not making someone’s day better then what is your purpose and why the attitude? Your home, the office, or a networking event isn’t your runway. Be happy! Stay positive! It’s a state of mind. @RinaChong

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One thought on “What’s Your Attitude?

  1. mario frate says:

    Very well said, very true. Your words of motivation has always brought brightness to allof us to be happy and true to yourself. You are a beautiful person with a big heart. True to everyone. True to you. <3.

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