The Art of Being

Today I was on the beach with my friend and I was looking at him thinking about how long we have been friends for and how I will miss him when I head back to Calgary for a month to do a metabolical reset (I’m excited to share that with you very soon). Then I started thinking that what I was looking at would eventually be in the past and that everything on Earth is just an illusion. A physical illusion that leaves memories that are merely flashbacks or recollections that are brought on by certain smells, sounds, feelings.

As we move along, we are simply just in the state of being without attachments, only modifications to external and material and development within. As we feel, touch, smell, taste, see we are just depositing more into the memory bank as well as strategically creating our next move for our next moment.

The mind can hold so much yet humans keep much anger and worry within and are on a constant battle to reach destinations, goals; they envy what others have or have done that they forget to chill out and just be. Be you. Don’t dream of being someone else and stop thinking that you’ll feel better if you lost a couple more inches, or how a raise will solve all of your financial problems or how you can achieve celebrity status because media is making you feel like you’re not good enough.

The ultimate success is the state of being, once mastered, everything else just follows suit. And remember, we aren’t taking any stuff from Earth with us; clothes, yachts, people, whatever that is solid particles, emotions, not even any of the memories when we actually reach our ‘final’ destination. So the faster you become unattached to everything the easier your life will be. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself and JUST BE…. I love this song: So sweet…♥ Rina xos

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