Are you great at starting things? How has following through with them been for you? If you have landed on this page then you are finally ready to make an investment in the most precious resource: Your SELF. Congratulations on not walking this path alone and becoming a ‘coachee’.  It’s not easy to move forward if your life is a mess and you’re not in alignment with the path you’re on, so let’s create a HEALTHY M.E.S.S. (Mental and Emotional Support System) instead. Working one-on-one with Rina Chong is a life-changing experience, allowing you to identify and achieve your biggest goals and making your dreams come true. Her private coaching clients experience significant breakthroughs with positive thoughts and reinforcement that lead them to challenge, refine and make crucial changes in their thinking, resulting in remarkable changes in their careers, relationships and overall quality of life. Testimonies here.

To become a successful athlete, you must hire a sports coach. To become debt free you must hire a financial coach. To become successful at life, you must hire a life coach. To grow you must be coachable.

Private coaching is personalized to your unique situation, needs and goals. Rina has been called on as a lifestyle coach ever since she was in grade school offering a free question box for advice on her desk and has now made it a part of her career with her certification through the Certified Coaches Federation. She focuses on productivity and relationship effectiveness for individuals, couples, entrepreneurs and executives and style by personality. A big chunk of her job is leading personal growth on collaborative working practices. Known as the Facebook Oprah and inspiration who steps over nothing with work that is on a diet, meaning that is never sugar-coated; Rina coaches with ‘an edge’ and gets right to the point. Her style comes from a place of authentic love, truth and honor with no messing around. Rina has a great deal of experience coaching people in relationships, singles, and business people and owners to improve their effectiveness on the job and in the quality of their personal life as well as their spirituality.

If you aren’t clear about what you want coaching for, or which package to choose, connect with me to set up a complementary pre-coaching consultation where we discuss the right place for you to begin to get the best match for your current situation, challenge or a result that you want.

Professional coaching is only focused on helping you achieve your personal and business goals. Doing it all alone can be tiring, lonely and perhaps most important of all – unsuccessful.  Coaching works! In a study carried out by PricewaterhouseCoopers, customers across the entire range of coaching reported the following results.

  • 57% – Improved time management
  • 61% – Improved business management
  • 67% – Improved work/life balance
  • 70% – Improved work performance
  • 73% – Improved relationships
  • 80% – Improved self-confidence
  • 96% – Customers who would do it all again
  • 99% – Customers who were satisfied with their coaching

Don’t wait for a new year to move forward. You know that you’ve been at this for a while and things have not changed so now is the time to make a move.

 Package 1 – Focus:

This is designed for you if you would like:

  • immediate coaching around a challenge or situation you are facing now.
  • to tackle an issue head-on when you’re ready to face a personal issue.
  • coaching that is convenient and easily fits your schedule.
  • a way to try coaching – an affordable alternative to a long-term coaching commitment.

This package will help in overcoming the one or two issues such as gaining clarity, removing the feeling of being ‘stuck’ and/or help in managing and reducing stress. Not having a confidant to go to or an outlet to be honest and face your emotions can often lead to an internal fight creating illnesses and more stress around you and a bigger boulder to get around if not dealt with immediately. With short-term coaching, the results are focused, timely and effective.

3 x 1 Hour Sessions

– Priority email support and 5-minute phone calls/texts are included in between your coaching sessions within reason
– Phone/Skype sessions available

Package 2 – Clarity:

If you want to make a change in your life and make sure it sticks long after your last coaching session then this is for you.

It is the most popular package because it doesn’t matter if you know what it is you want to change or you are not sure but know that there is something more for you out there, then this will define goals and help find your purpose. This package gives you enough time to get to the root of the issue and give you the tools you have been looking for to make those important lasting changes in your life that will positively affect all aspects of your wellness wheel.

6 x 1 Hour Sessions

– Priority email support and 5-minute phone calls/texts are included in between your coaching sessions within reason
– Phone/Skype sessions available

Package 3 – Change:

This is aimed at entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs who want to build a long-lasting relationship with a highly experienced coach working across multiple pillars of life.

Examples of things you may like help on:

  • Getting unstuck and moving in the right direction both personally and in business.
  • Integrating your personal values into your business (or businesses) to make work fulfilling.
  • Help with accountability – it’s not always easy when there’s nobody driving you.
  • Having somebody who has a wealth of business experience to bounce ideas off.
  • Managing stress and work/life balance.
  • Relationship help – Family, friends, partner
  • Help with sales and online marketing to elevate your business.*

A calendar year gives us the chance to forge an amazing partnership and tackle head on any issues you have now or crop up over the next year that may be holding you back from fulfilling your potential.

12 x 1 Hour Sessions

– Priority email support and 5-minute phone calls/texts are included in between your coaching sessions within reason
– Phone/Skype sessions available

Session Transfers: Sessions can be transferred to a spouse/partner, family member, colleague or friend to a maximum of 50% of hours.

Package 4 –  *Business:

*If it is purely business coaching you require and everything else in your life is spot on then I have a team that can help you build your corporation big.

Package 5 –  Branding, PR & Marketing:

This is for someone who is on their way to stardom and who need assistance with the following:

  • Branding
  • Social Media
  • Network Marketing
  • Web Design and Site
  • Press Releases
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Copywriting
  • Event Planning
  • Promotion

This package is limited to 4 clients a year.

Package 6 – Styling:

As part of any branding, the goals is to elevate your personal brand and you discover your signature trend and identify the perfect style to reflect your most authentic and comfortable identity with styles that work with your body type.

  • Wardrobe sort
  • Wardrobe makeover
  • Event styling
  • Detailed shopping list
  • Recommend items based on your budget and requirements
  • Go through new looks
  • Personally shop with you

If you don’t live in Calgary, it’s no problem.  I will be with you virtually to get you ready for an upcoming event or to find those perfect staples for your everyday life. Whatever your specific needs, timeframe, and budget, hand-picked selections will be delivered to you via courier.