The Physical Realm of Rina

I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, raised by a single mom with roots from Singapore and Malaysia. I am a networking butterfly and a business/lifestyle coach, a connector to all. I’m an artistic free spirit, an adventurer, a humanitarian and a hopeless romantic and a go-getter in business; I’ve always had a flare for the arts and fashion and I love to travel even if it’s to the next province (I love mini getaways!). I’m also a mother of an amazing 20-year old son who has definitely played a huge part of who I am today. I am so grateful for him and the opportunity to watch an extension, of my Self, experience and grow into his own spirit while flourishing to his own fate. I have the ability to connect with those around me; always making people feel good, believe in themselves and laugh because I know that we were put on this earth to collaborate as the same species to work and build community together and share resources to enjoy planet Earth. I know, I know, only in a perfect world, which is definitely attainable if we all work as a collective.


I am very spiritual and take great care of my health as I used to work in health care and am always open to new science and studies in this field. I practice Buddhism but am not limited to and was baptized in Hawaii but know that spirituality leads us to the same God. I have enrolled in many personal development and spiritual courses and what got me through my dark days was a set of CDs my girlfriend sent me. At first, I wasn’t open to listening to them, I thought she was trying to sell me something but looking back I know I would not be where I am not if it weren’t for that 14 disc audio lessons, changing my thoughts, changing my life. If you like the Secret then this is ultimately the secret about the secret and very similar to Gary Zukav’s Seat of the Soul. If you are interested please email me your email address and I would be happy to share them with you.

I love to write and inspire and I have decided to finish writing my book on personal development as my passion for philanthropy and charity was inspired from Mother Teresa at a very early age and my popularity grew from my heart of gold and passion to inspire those in mind, body and spirit; I have been labeled as ‘Facebook Oprah’ and continue to share my life stories and challenges with my following on various social networks. I hope you will join me. I am the founder of a leadership group called Modern Leaders of Influence where it is a safe haven where people can network and grow through a social-focused and safe environment on personal development. Not enough people spend time developing their inner power and strength so this way the monthly luncheons allow people of all walks of life take a day for themselves and meet like-mindFUL people, treat themselves to amazing food and gain more confidence, create deep and meaningful friendships and build their business.

Find me on all social networks here and feel free to listen to an excerpt of my life on this podcast. Thank you so much stopping by and I look forward to connecting and collaborating!