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iGalen’s Emulin+ is not a magic pill… but is sure act like one! Emulin® is the world’s first carbohydrate manager. It is a patented blend of grape skin, onion skin and green coffee, minus the caffeine. It comes from Nobel Prize nominated research, using a sophisticated 3D modeling with super computers that searched all known databases of human enzyme systems and plant compounds found in nature.

Emulin® puts back into your body what evolution intended to be a part of our diets, but modern agriculture and food processing mercilessly took out. Today, we eat too many carbohydrates especially the highly-refined types, like starch and sugar. As a result, we suffer from prolonged carbohydrate toxicity that causes inflammation which leads to almost all modern diseases.

Emulin® is not intended to treat or cure any disease and should never be promoted as such. Emulin® contains a botanical mix, a natural supplement containing flavonoids which are a must have addition to your family’s daily routine and is taken for overall health, balancing out your body so that your body functions properly. Everyone on this planet should be taking Emulin+, yes, your children, your parents, even your pets, for a better quality life and longevity – more energy, laser focus, better clarity and weight management. It’s helped many, many issues as you will read below; however, this is a reminder that it is a natural supplement that helps balance out your body, once your body is balanced naturally your body starts to function better that’s why many issues start to clear up. Take Emulin+ for better health and let your body combat those specific issues naturally. Below are only a few of the incredible testimonies we have and you may place your order here.


“Hi I’m an Aussie lady 56 and have been taking Emulin C since the 2nd March 17. I injured my back at 23, 3 discs in the lower lumbar damaged, inoperable and have had to learn to live with the injury, in recent years Stenosis of the spine has developed. Through the years I have been diagnosed with Diverticulitis, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and recently Schamberg disease and an Essential Tremor, and swelling in the lowers legs for about the last 3 years. What a mix and not a lot can be done about any of them. I have lived on anti-inflammatories most of my life (large doses) and have gradually become extremely obese over the years causing joint issues. Since taking EC I’m sleeping better, I have lost 9kg 19.8 pounds WOW under 4 weeks. My ankles have bone structure, I can see them again. I have stopped taking Anti Inflammatories 2 weeks ago because I discovered side effects is swollen ankles and could lead to heart attack and stroke, not a good ending. My biggest issue is not eating, most days I have just the nightly meal and my body is sucking everything out of that plate and storing what it can (to Fat) but I’m doing my best to have breakfast and lunch and maybe kick my non-existent metabolism back into gear. My next bottle of Emulin will be the M for the Fibro and weight loss for the Inflammation, which I should have tried first, but so far I’m not disappointed.” ~ Australia”

“Here is a small update on the Warfarin Coumadin, blood thinners, interactions with Emulin E, my brother-in-law takes that medication for his lupus. He started on 2 + 2 day 1, Day 2 he started on two and one because he was advised against it without medical intervention, he has lupus so he has that medical intervention. We put him on 1 + 1 10 days later the doctor with the lab work decided to lower his medication! At that point, he continued with 2 and 1 dosage…a week later his doctor lowered it again… Emulin E is amazing. I would say anyone with lupus or any autoimmune issues the take blood thinners such as these to monitor your blood work with Emulin E …the results are spectacular… my brother-in-law has 30 related issues to lupus when he started 30 days ago, today he has less.” ~ JZ

“I wanted to post about my dog using Emulin. He was a rescue dog, though we don’t know his age he seems older for sure. He is a pomchi that has heart disease and issues with his liver causing seizures, and is on medication for both. He started having skin issues 6/7 months ago and was covered in scabs. He would lay around the house and not active at all. We started him on Emulin about 2 weeks ago. He is a totally different dog. He is so active now running, jumping and playing. It has completely cleared up his skin and he has very few scabs left. It seems like he gained years on to his life. We will be taking him to the vet again next month to check his heart and if it has improved we will take him off the meds and give him only the Emulin. I’m so glad our pup has his life back.”

“Could you cut out carbs for 9 days? That’s what I did! I’m not a health expert but did you know that all refined carbs such as bread, pasta, noodles and carbs like rice and potatoes turn into sugar? And that is the addiction to these carbs, people are sugar addicts and that’s why it’s so tough for people to cut out carbs. Children are being diagnosed with diabetes and many of our parents have been diagnosed with diabetes in their later years. Most chronic diseases all stem from chronic inflammation. And my mother is a perfect example of this because she loves her bread, rice and noodles and had a high intake of it. And so did I, until I was educated about the toxicity of sugar. Check out the Fed Up documentary.

Ever since my mom has been on Emulin+ she has never been in better spirits and health and is even more positive and smiling all the time. She said Emulin+ has made her feel more ‘lively’ and her arthritis is under control! She is a noodle and rice addict and it’s a blessing that it has been balancing out her body and in fact, makes her crave more veggies and fruit – Hallelujah!

For myself, I’ve never felt so clear, I’m more focused, I’m less bloated, I’ve noticed that I have more strength and energy during my workouts and my recovery time has improved significantly and I’ve dropped my excess weight – I was ecstatic when I was able to fit into a dress I wore once in Chicago 15 years ago! I don’t crave sweets or carbs any longer and I barely finish my food and usually pack up my leftovers now – but the best part, well, there’s so many; however, the best 2 parts about this is that I know I’m reducing my inflammation while anti-aging and lowering my chances of chronic diseases and these capsules are VEGAN and the inventor is a two-time Nobel Peace Prize Nominee who invented a natural drug called Verolin to prevent Ebola, Sars and the flu from spreading! And since it’s the world’s first all natural and patented carb manager it’s safe for the ENTIRE family to take. If you love helping people there is a business component to this!” ~RC

“Hi all, it’s been a month now on Emulin C. I have vascular dementia (early stages but recognizable) I have had a triple bypass, have some heart disease, am type 2 diabetic. I have a hip problem which gives me a lot of pain, due to lots of football in my youth. My good friend introduced me to Emulin and persuaded me into giving it a go!  So after a month what’s the difference? Ill start with weight as it is something I see a lot of feedback on (tho I know Emulin isn’t a diet aid) I am still too heavy 14st 10. I’ve put on a net 2lb after the zero carbs 2 weeks and a holiday to Greece (I was pretty good but did have a few beers) BUT my body has changed! I’m firmer, my chest, shoulders, arms and torso are firmer without a doubt. I’m told that it’s the Emulin aiding muscle over fat. I can see now that is the case. My problem hip hasn’t hurt in weeks!

My blood sugar control is virtually normal. The dementia problem remains the same, which I am happy about overall, my memory hasn’t got worse in my wife’s opinion and I agree. Overall I feel good! I’m looking forward to month 2 and getting the low carb diet back on track. We’ve joined the gym as a family, with the way Emulin is affecting my muscles, I’m excited to see how that goes.  My only problem is the amount it costs to get the Emulin here to the UK!!  Overall, I am very, very happy with how it’s progressing on my Emulin journey! ” ~United Kingdom

“I have a confession to make: Magic Happy Pills have done more for me than I gave them credit in the beginning. I can’t help it, I’m a skeptic. My nursing training is partial to blame. Here I am, four months into my Magic Happy Pills journey and this is what I have to report:
1. I’m calm. Instead of feeling like I’m panting inside to keep up, I feel peaceful.
2. Fewer things get my panties in a wad. The stupid things don’t get the attention they used to.
3. My anxiety has decreased tremendously. I’m able to function at work now without near miss or full blown panic attacks every day.
4. I sleep better. I’ve always slept well. I sleep even better now. Deeper. More efficiently.
5. I have stamina and energy that I haven’t had in a long time. I simply don’t run down as easily.
6. My head is clear. Probably because I’m calmer and I’m not “squirreling” all the time. The cobwebs and haze are cleared.
7. My chronic pain is wildly reduced. You think 1-6 are good news? This brings me to tears. 30 years of chronic back and everything pain is better than manageable now. Do you know what a drain pain is? No more. I really don’t have the proper words to explain the impact this has on every facet of my life.
Did this happen in a week? A month? Nope. I started my MHP journey in March and was patient enough to wait. Thank goodness! What if I had given up? I would have never realized this incredible place I’ve settled. My body didn’t get this way overnight. Not going to fix overnight. I’m a skeptic no more.” ~Lexington, Ky

“My fiancé and I just finished up our 9-day metabolic reset on Thursday and here are our results as of last Friday morning. She has lost 5 pounds and 3 inches and I have lost 13 pounds and 12 inches. We both have more energy during the day but have been sleeping very soundly at night. Have lost our carb and sugar addictions so much that we are going to go another 9 days because we are having so much fun with it. Loving our Emulin+!!!!!”

“My husband has had psoriasis on his elbows for years. We have tried many different creams and supplements. Some work a bit, but none really worked for him. He started taking Emulin for better overall health. After about 2 weeks of taking it, I came across a testimonial about Emulin and psoriasis. I asked him if Emulin was helping his psoriasis. He looked at his elbows and it was about 90 percent gone. It never occurred to either of us that it would help his psoriasis, so we never even thought to take pictures. He’s been on it now for about 6 months and the psoriasis has not returned.”

“Hi, I wanted to take a moment and let you know what has been going on with me since I I purchased a bottle of Emulin from you at the Meadow Lake Trade show in May. I am a skeptic as I am with all new things but there was something about it that drew me towards it, I felt I had to give it a chance and see how it worked. Even though I bought the bottle in May I did not actually start taking it until the middle of June because I ended up going away on vacation and forgot to take it with me. I researched and searched and googled everything I could think of on Emulin and the company that makes it and I could not find anything what so ever negative about either.

So on June 6th I started taking 3 capsules a day, within 2 days I noticed I was sleeping through the night, that never happens, I can not recall the last time I have ever slept like that. Within one week my sciatica pain was easing up. At the 2 week mark, my frozen shoulder was no longer frozen, I have a full range of motion in it. You have no idea how long I have suffered from this!!! I am the type of person who is always plagued by heartburn, no matter what I ate I suffered so badly but since starting I have not had one bout of it, I have not taken one Tum or Zantac, this is HUGE for me. Now for the biggie, my blood pressure is finally in the normal range, I got the Dr to check it 3 times because I always get the white coat syndrome everytime I go in there. Not this time!!! I will be reordering before my bottle runs out. Finally, something that really works. Thank you.”

“Just got back from the Doc’s. Great news. Blood pressure is down to normal. My blood sugar is staying in the 5.5 to 7.0 range. He asked me what I was doing and when I told him about Emulin.He asked me to get him as much info as possible.He said that if my blood pressure was down in 3 months he will start talking me off my meds.”

“I’m now a little more than a month and a half into my use of Emulin. The fat is melting off at an amazing rate, even with my schedule being turned upside down because I’m working 16 hour night shifts right now. In the last two weeks, I’ve gained nearly two belt holes. (I started off on the one closest to the end of the belt). Now again saying this keep in mind I also made other changes too. Both physical and nutrition wise. Of which I think they have helped me see these changes.

Now by no means am I a gym rat or a fitness guru but I am an army veteran and I can train myself fairly well, and I have to say that at this point I am closer to the physical condition I was in during my time in the army than I have been in years. Which in itself is an amazing feeling!

I’m outlasting co-workers who are 5 to 10 years my junior with little to no effort. Where a month ago I would be in a corner gasping for air and wanting to throw up. The more I use Emulin in conjunction with proper diet and regular exercise the more I’ve noticed that these changes are becoming increasingly less difficult to attain. Like I said in my video I know this isn’t a cure all or an overnight fix, but I have noticed that it shaves the curve a little to help the transition easier.”

“I am a type 1 diabetic, have been for 22 years of my life. It’s a very difficult disease to keep under control at all times. You can have high and low any time. Generally, my blood sugars average around 4-8, which is great. The last couple months I have noticed that my blood sugars have been a little off, from being 6-12 instead of 4-8. Little higher than usual. I saw a post about Emulin and the thing that popped out the most was blood sugar control. So I decided to give it a try. What a big difference this has made. My blood sugars have been steady and under control again. I don’t have to take so much insulin to bring my sugars down anymore, I get a red rash around my nose when my sugars get a little high and that has disappeared, I’ve noticed that my swelling in my ankles has gone also. I suffered from really bad bloating to which my stomach was always rock hard and always ached. Taking Emulin C has definitely helped with that, just from my stomach bloating gone I feel so much better. That is another huge factor that I love about Emulin. The ENERGY, wow the energy that I get from this amazing miracle is fabulous! I don’t feel so tired during the day at all, I feel well rested even if I get up in the night, I still wake up refreshed. It works for me, it might for you!”

 “I have a confession to make: Magic Happy Pills have done more for me than I gave them credit in the beginning. I can’t help it, I’m a skeptic. My nursing training is partial to blame. Here I am, four months into my Magic Happy Pills journey and this is what I have to report:

1. I’m calm. Instead of feeling like I’m panting inside to keep up, I feel peaceful.
2. Fewer things get my panties in a wad. The stupid things don’t get the attention they used to.
3. My anxiety has decreased tremendously. I’m able to function at work now without near miss or full-blown panic attacks every day.
4. I sleep better. I’ve always slept well. I sleep even better now. Deeper. More efficiently.
5. I have stamina and energy that I haven’t had in a long time. I simply don’t run down as easily.
6. My head is clear. Probably because I’m calmer and I’m not “squirreling” all the time. The cobwebs and haze are cleared.
7. My chronic pain is wildly reduced. You think 1-6 are good news? This brings me to tears. 30 years of chronic back and everything pain is better than manageable now. Do you know what a drain pain is? No more. I really don’t have the proper words to explain the impact this has on every facet of my life.
Did this happen in a week? A month? Nope. I started my MHP journey in March and was patient enough to wait. Thank goodness! What if I had given up? I would have never realized this incredible place I’ve settled. My body didn’t get this way overnight. Not going to fix overnight. I’m a skeptic no more.”

“My daughter is 35 and was diagnosed with Lupus about a year ago. When I got my kit the first bottle went to her. She is a nurse and pretty skeptical about supplements etc. For the entire month, she was losing weight and was feeling great. She did not have achy hands and recovery from workouts was great. She ran out of Emulin+ about 2 weeks ago and said she hadn’t really felt a difference until today. Her hands hurt so bad she wants to cry. She ordered this afternoon and sent me a message that said: “I am a believer in Emulin now”. Thank you thank you thank you for this amazing supplement. It is an answer to a prayer for sure.” Olas, KS, USA

“I have a 32-year girl with Lupus who has just started on her second bottle of Emulin.
She is reporting that she has fewer headaches, some weight loss, her temperature is slightly lower, less pain in her knees by about half, no hives from the heat yet and slightly fewer skin issues.” ~Nanaimo, BC, Canada

“Just needed to share as I’m so thankful!
Quick history… twin pregnancy left me broken on many levels…rough pregnancy, rough trying to come back from it…
Since Emulin
The edema (20% left) was the first to go!!!
Then the Carb cravings cut back!!
Then the sound sleep every night came next!!
And now:
I’ve been struggling with my left hip every time I’d sit for more than a minute or two it was like it was dislocating when I stood up,  the excruciating pain would hit….I’d have to walk in the craziest positions for a few minutes till I massaged & walk it back into place….
I’ve been on Emulin for nearly 2 months…yesterday I got out of the van the way I’ve trained myself to for minimal pain…I took a step and heard a crack/clunk in my hip…the first time I’ve ever heard it…like an adjustment…well I cringed expecting the torture to start…and then…nothing!! No pain!!! No pain?!  And it hasn’t hurt since…I’ve been up and down off the ground, working, bending, lifting, bent over and bathed the twins…no pain!!!?? None!!! I believe the inflammation in my hip has come down enough to allow it to have movement….that’s my only explanation!!:)

Moral of the story:  it may take weeks, months even for you to start to feel anything, but just be assured and confident that everytime you take your Emulin capsule(s), your body is thanking you for the ammunition it needs to fight that inner war!!”

“I started Emulin M at the beginning of May 2017. I sit in front of a computer all day at work and my lower back was so painful. I was waking up with back pain every day. Every time I stood up from my desk my knees hurt as well. On 12th May we had a fire drill at work and had to walk down 14 floors my knees did not give me any trouble. I decided to walk back up the stairs rather than use the lift. I had to stop on the 6th floor, not because I was in pain, it was because I was so out of breath! I still have no back pain and I occasionally get a twinge in my right knee. I have Osteoporosis in my spine and Osteoarthritis in my right knee. I was taking 2 Emulin M three times a day. I have run out of M and am now taking C two in the morning and one at lunchtime and in the evening. My work colleague that sits next to me has noticed that I am moving better and she also mentioned that I am calmer.” ~Brisbane, Queensland

“This morning has been a powerful testimony to the power and health benefits of Emulin. I am emotional about it because my son Caden and I just lowered his Insulin Pump settings by about 20% overall. He has been taking Emulin C for ten days. The first few days we didn’t notice anything different with his blood sugar readings but every day after that he has been having more and more low blood sugars mid-morning, the latter part of the afternoon AND during the night. We have been making adjustments accordingly but again this morning he woke up low. Of course for those of you who understand Type 1 Diabetes you realize there could be other factors at play here. Believe me when I tell you I have taken all those factors into consideration. I’ve been looking after this boy for many many years. I know his body’s reactions better than my own when it comes to blood sugars and life.
We just decreased his total insulin dosage by about 20%!!! Not once in the years, I have been looking after him have we EVER done that. Yes, we do a 20-30-40 up to 70% or 80% – (minus) of his basal (background) Insulin for a few hours up to half a day or more various activities and to account for exercise, illness, fatigue etc. We have never lowered both his Basal insulin and Insulin to Carb Ratio for normal and workday pump profiles by this much at the same time as a standard dosing amount. I am not an easy person to convince. I am also not selling this product to make a pile of money. It’s helping my husband’s restless legs, my sister-in-law’s eczema and reaction to certain trigger foods, my extended family members pain from Fibromyalgia and Arthritis. My Dad’s bum hip pain (as he calls it)
There will be more personal updates as time goes on. My brother is taking Emulin M, my stepdad is taking it as well, my sister’s bottle is being shipped as you read this.
Place your order. Don’t think! Just DO IT!!! ” ~ Vancouver, BC

“Any 2 months on Emulin M testimonials?  Today is my 2-month mark and I feel like the past week or so have been a turning point!  I have endometriosis which had caused me pain, bloating, constipation, sciatica, fatigue, trouble sleeping and lack of libido.  I was seriously considering getting the dreaded surgery when I was introduced to Emulin!  I’ve had my ups and downs as my body has gone through detox. I felt better after day 1, had some headaches as my body adjusted over the next week but the rest of the time my energy was great and no more bloating, reduced pain and slept so much better. Reduced cravings for sugar and feel full faster. Some skin breakouts around week 3 as a symptom of detox as this seems common. All of This only got better over the next few weeks and I lost 9lbs as a nice little bonus.  Around week 5 I felt a bit more pain and started to wonder if Emulin was really working for me but I kept going and it passed by week 6 and I feel better than I have in years really!  I actually forget about my endo, I have so much energy and overall feeling of happiness!  My head is clear and I just don’t feel much anxiety or stress in my life anymore.  It’s an overall feeling of wellness!  I can’t wait to see how I’m feeling at 3 months. “

“OK it is time for my first and I expect not my last success post. I am not sure which one I am more excited about. But anyway I am 63 years old and have had an autoimmune disorder since I was a teenager. Psoriasis, along with psoriatic arthritis and severe neuropathic neck pain along with some deteriorating discs in my cervical spine. What I am seeing and experiencing is really quite exciting First I am noticing a change in my skin. I have taken a couple of pictures and when I can figure out how to post from my phone I will share. But there is a definite improvement in my skin. I am not using my steroid cream just taking my “happy pills” and using coconut oil cream. Now the other huge change has been the pain in my neck. I am almost afraid to say it is gone, but, typically I experience a severe burning in my cervical area, at least once a day, or more if I am under stress or have been working on the computer for long periods of time. Essentially I have had the last 5 days pain-free. Sounds and feels too good to be true, but I am living this…Sorry, this is so long but… I hope that this will help anyone on the fence to open up their minds to the distinct possibility that this is a place for really great non-pharmaceutical products that will change folks lives!” ~Punta Gorda, Florida

“I am a skeptic. For real. I have to see things many times before I believe it. I was in critical condition just before Christmas. I lost a fair bit of my eyesight, was exhausted and was suffering from what I learned from very high blood sugars. 29.1 to be exact. Bad time for me. I took charge of my health. Taking the right medicine, eating well, reducing stress etc. I still could only get my blood sugars to top 6 to 7 area. Not lower. A friend had talked about Emulin on a forum we are on and I researched… asked questions and purchased a bottle of Emulin C. I have been on it about a month. My blood sugars are mid 5s now… my blood sugar tests in the morning are 6 and under… which is awesome. I had my 3-month blood sugar test done my doctor…. 5.7 was the average. So fantastic… and my blood pressure is the best it has been in years. So… I am excited… but cautious… will continue to watch my progress. I am delighted to go from 29.1 glucose level on Dec 21 to a blood glucose level of 5.7 on April 5. I am where I want to be… though the weight loss claims would be very welcome! One issue at a time, though.”

“Day 17 – I have gone through 2 weekends with no naps!! Amazing!! Also, this past weekend was an only one day off to recover weekend…. normally how that would go is needing extra sleep and still being extra “drag my butt” through the second week. Well, this week has been great – no extra sleep needed and made it all the way to Friday with no complaints and no dragging my butt. Again, still don’t “feel” energized but with true Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, we don’t ever feel energy once we’ve been inflicted and the nerves have been damaged.

I also noted an interesting new development – normally I have to heat my back with an infrared heat pad overnight in order to function without a hurting back/sciatica. Three days ago my daughter charleyhorse her calf muscle and I gave the heat pad to her. I have not had it for 3 nights and today is the first day where I had a bit of pain. Not enough to affect my walking or my work – just noted the first pangs of minor pain. Not “having” to have heat every night is definitely new and most welcome.” ~Fraser Valley


“The girls love their Emulin. They get half a capsule everyday mixed in with a little wet food. They are waiting patiently in this picture for me to put their bowls down. They will both be turning 5 years old pretty quick here …they are my spoiled rotten grand furbabies.
After I started on Emulin I decided to try it on them. Rose was getting so big and would seriously just lay there doing nothing but purr.. no energy at all and when she got so big that she pulled the frame off from the cat door and it was stuck around her tummy, I knew something had to be done. Grace, on the other hand, is this wild uncontrollable furball that is a 2 person cat, mine, and Brandice. Whenever we would go away we would get a house cat sitter and she would have extreme anxiety while we were gone where she would scratch her ears till they bled and would chew on her toes. She would end up in a cone of shame for days as she healed.
They now get a daily dose of half a capsule each . Rose has lost 1 1/2 inches around her tummy and is now able to jump .. on the counter of all things grrrrr lol but she is energetic and playful. Grace has calmed right down where she actually will come out and attempt to be affectionate when company comes over and no longer scratches herself when I am not here with her.
Inflammation affects us all … Emulin has made a huge difference for all of us, safe for everyone fight inflammation furbabies” 

“Just back from the Endo………

A1C is 6.5!
BP is perfect without meds!
11 weeks of Emulin!
12 Medications GONE!
Sleeping Better!
Losing Weight!
More Alert!” ~Sydney, Australia

“My wife started taking a product called Emulin by iGalen back in February. It is a Carbohydrate Manager designed to help people with Inflammatory diseases. It is approved by Health Canada and is the only patented product of it’s kind in the world. In just a few short months of taking it, she has noticed huge changes in her body, her sleep, her energy and most of all…her pain from her fibromyalgia!!

Upon learning that I have Type 2 Diabetes, she immediately got me a bottle of this Emulin as it is known for helping people with the disease. My Doctors wanted me on Metformin but after reading the information my wife provided on Emulin, they allowed me to take it instead of the drug they prescribed. I have now been taking Emulin for only a month and a half and I can not believe the changes that are going on inside of me. I was taking another product for the last 2 years and was quite happy and impressed by what it did for me. It was the first supplement type of thing that I had ever taken. Due to my heart issues and some of the ingredients in this product, my doctors strongly suggested I stop taking it immediately. I honestly thought it was the best thing out there. I WAS WRONG!!!

What Emulin has done for me is nothing short of amazing. The first thing I noticed is that my cravings for carbs and sugary things are all but gone. I am eating better than I ever have and am happy to say that I am down a combined total of 7 inches of fat off my body. I am sleeping soundly, my skin has never been softer, any and all body aches have totally disappeared and my blood pressure has never been lower. My gut issues have been resolved and my mental acuity is much stronger. My blood sugars have been so high for so long untreated that it is taking some time to get them stable but they are getting there.

If you keep an open and positive mind things will come to you when you most need them… this could not be truer for me and Emulin!!!

Thank you for introducing us to Emulin and special thanks to my wife for helping me through all of this mess. I could not have gotten through this without you. I will forever be grateful for you actually getting through my stubborn head and making me take Emulin…it is truly saving my life!!!

“When one door closes another one opens”~Abbotsford, BC

 “I am so grateful for my friend introducing me to Emulin. I’m fortunate to not have high blood pressure or diabetes, however, I have noticed a moderate loss in weight and inches in the past 4 months taking Emulin. In turn, I have introduces several friends to this amazing product and they too have seen the benefit.” ~Port Orchard, WA, United States