End Carb and Sugar Cravings Now – Event in Calgary, AB, Canada

Attention Alberta, health care professionals, nutritionists, trainers, diabetics, people affected by chronic inflammation, Keto lovers, goal diggers, dream getters – mark your calendars for a very special class.
We’re having a live presentation Thursday, Sept 28th, in DT Calgary, AB – see the poster below. Please share this with your network and let’s help out the Alberta economy and the people affected by it and raise their faith in health and wealth!
RSVP and details HERE – seating is very limited! 
iGalen in Calgary Event

11 Amazing Benefits To Joining a Network Marketing Company You Didn’t Know Of

The business landscape has changed drastically, you are either flowing with it or swimming upstream. Network marketing businesses are quickly becoming the fastest growing form of entrepreneurship making it very easy and attainable for one to start their own business and work from the comfort of their home. For those that are employed by an employer, they can work this type of home-based business after work hours or during spare time for additional income – essentially you’re building a company within a company. Building your business out of the comfort of your home allows for flexibility that is difficult when renting or buying office/warehouse space as in traditional businesses, not to mention high monthly overhead costs. Network marketing requires major self-discipline, organization and most importantly, a massive and clear vision. With that being said the benefits can be quite substantial as you will read on. Here are some key benefits for creating a winning business in a losing economy and just a few of the many more advantages of the network marketing model over traditional business models.

1. Low Start-Up Costs Continue reading

Thinking Beyond a Financial Rut

With the unfavourable prevailing economic conditions, people are undergoing a lot of stress. And if you live in Alberta then it has been magnified by ten fold so how do you think beyond this situation? The 2015 recession is going to leave its mark – in more ways than one and it’s not correcting itself anytime soon. In recent news, the major oil companies are now starting to lay people off. If you’ve been following the news, then you know it’s been an extremely crucial time for businesses, families, our children’s future, our parents who are going into retirement and much more. Suicide counts have gone up, crime rates have soared, foreclosures happening left right and centre, people are depleting their savings and RRSPs leaving them with major retirement setbacks, divorce has increased and Continue reading

11 Steps to Writing a New Life Chapter

Today is the first blank page of your new chapter for 2016 . Write with passion and with blue ink, white paper, always the way to go, don’t ask me why but a mentor of mine said it’s best and I would trust him with my life. You are the creator and author of your own story so leave the past behind but take any bad experiences and use them as stepping stones towards your success. Know that the power is always in the present. As we flip through the pages of our life, we relive a montage of memories bringing up different emotions through our ups and downs of our journey. We laugh, we cry, we love, we hurt, we win, we lose, we falter, but through it all we grow stronger. Continue reading

The Gracious Leader

You know you are a leader because you not only lead from the front line, you bring your followers to your side because you lead through the reproduction of leaders. You consistently make a point of investing quality time and resources to show your people the vision and that you believe in them, because only when your team succeeds, you succeed and it’s always a win-win situation for everyone. No matter what line of work, or industry you’re in, your duty as an authentic leader is to truly care about your people’s personal goals and dreams and to see the potential in each of them. You must find out what they lack and how to develop it, and then equip them with the necessary tools and resources they need to achieve their goals in business and personally. Continue reading

Find Your Vision and Hold Fast

When you have figured out your ‘why‘ in life, you must then decide on what you want to do, be and have. How do you want your life to look like? Will what you are doing right now get you to the life that you deserve? If you continue what you are doing for the next 5 – 10 years what will that look like for you and your family? Many people decide what they want their life to look like based on their current situation. What I tell my clients is to take 20 – 45 minutes with their journal and blue ink, and write down, if money wasn’t an object, all that their hearts desire. This step is THE most crucial because one of the main reasons why most people don’t get what they want is because they haven’t decided on it yet. Continue reading

How to Deal with Negative and Critical People

Negative people and critics are everywhere and expected, you can run, but you can’t hide from them. And no matter how you choose to live your life — single or in a relationship, whether you work a corporate job or become an entrepreneur; whether you choose to have children or choose not to have children; if you eat meat or are a vegetarian, if you drink coffee or tea, whatever you do, there is someone that will judge you for it. And the more successful you are or the more popular you become in life, the more haters will show up. Continue reading

Certified Coaches Federation Presents: Certified Life & Executive Coach Training – Vancouver, B.C. August 29 & 30

Are you interested in building a more successful life coach or business coach practice? Are you in a position in your company where you are support for others? Do you work in HR or lead a team of 5 or more?

The Certified Coaches Federation has certified more than 9,300 Life Coaches and Executive Coaches since 2006 (and I am one of them) and is now recognized as one of the Leading Life Coach Certification and Executive Coach Certification Programs in the world! Voted Best Life Coach Training Course 4 years in a row! CCF is now offering our Life Coach Certification and Executive Coach Certification Programs in 100 cities around the world! Continue reading

Leadership Through Wisdom and Integrity

Leaders have vision, they think outside of the box, they are sharp and quick on their feet looking into the future making intelligent decisions and usually have the craziest ideas. But even the most brilliant, quickest, smartest leader is not the most effective without grace, wisdom and integrity. Great intellect has no guarantee of good judgement and good judgement comes from experience turned into wisdom. When leaders come from a place of integrity, it comes from the core of who they truly are and when they put themselves out there it takes a lot of courage and that also comes with a whole new level of responsibility and accountability and respect.

Leading with conviction trumps intellect and one’s character shines through and is  much more successful when connecting with people especially having a strong moral base with genuine values who stand above the rest. Trust is the key when leading. When people feel cared for the connection is so much stronger and that trust grows willingly without the need to convince. When people trust you their fear is minimized and they gain admiration and appreciation for you. Continue reading

The Modern Leader of Influence

The world needs more Leaders. The world needs You. Step out of fear and step into the LIGHT with your ultimate LEADERSHIP skills. To be a great leader in all that you do, having healthy relationships with Self is the start so that you can be the most effective with others, and be at optimal performance at work, with family, and at socials; it is they key to all success.

The word ‘leader’ has only been used to celebrate the history and footprint that people of this incredible quality have left in the world’s history books; but what about the leaders that are in our own country, our own community, our network of friends, and right in our family that have influenced, inspired and have touched our hearts in similar ways, not on a global scale, but in a loving way where we were moved by it and became a better person because of it and it changed us for the better completely. Often we do not give ourselves enough credit for the leadership that we perform on a daily basis because of the leadership gap. Continue reading