Honour Your Self

Last night my girlfriend came over and cried herself to sleep at my place. It was very sad to see but I am so happy that she was able to just surrender and be able to let her emotions go like that. Then I slapped her and told her get a grip…ok I didn’t slap READ MORE

Thought for Soul

Often external matters that are surface-based, and those that are superficial, prevaricates us from the ultimate goal of our soul; our reason for being. If you look around; notice your surroundings. What would certain events matter in years from now and how does allowing the right, positive people into your journey affect your progress; and READ MORE

Love is Blind

I was riding up in a really old elevator the other day, you know, like the ones that you had to manually open and close the door and hold the button until you got to your floor. I noticed that there was an emergency button with brail underneath it. The only way you’d know what READ MORE