Thinking Beyond a Financial Rut

With the unfavourable prevailing economic conditions, people are undergoing a lot of stress. And if you live in Alberta then it has been magnified by ten fold so how do you think beyond this situation? The 2015 recession is going to leave its mark – in more ways than one and it’s not correcting itself anytime soon. In recent news, the major oil companies are now starting to lay people off. If you’ve been following the news, then you know it’s been an extremely crucial time for businesses, families, our children’s future, our parents who are going into retirement and much more. Suicide counts have gone up, crime rates have soared, foreclosures happening left right and centre, people are depleting their savings and RRSPs leaving them with major retirement setbacks, divorce has increased and Continue reading

Retirement – The Somber Reality and How to Fix it

Most people spend more time planning their next vacation rather than their retirement. Most people don’t even have a road map to retirement and that’s why we see baby boomers working at their local grocery store not because they are bored but because they relied on the government to retire them, and sadly it is not enough. I give credit to those that try to create their retirement plan themselves, however circumstances will dictate how things will work out and that needs to be taken into serious consideration. I have come across many that are semi-retired that kept working but had to switch careers, find something part-time, and at this rate ‘fully retired’ just means that they can’t find another job and some may never be able to fully retire comfortably and most Canadians will not be able to leave any money to their family and many more children are taking care of their elderly parents. Continue reading

Island Living

If you know of anyone that is in the market for a vacation home/rental, retirement home and loves to do more than just lay on the beach then the time is NOW and the place is HERE. This vacation paradise holds our villas that are just under 2000 sq ft of luxury living with open space and high ceilings, impeccable marble counters and your own private infinity pool. Not to mention that this is a golfer’s dream that backs onto a world class golf course by Pete Dyes, a private beach club for owners and for the whole family, amenities such as tennis courts, zip-lining, snorkelling, deep-sea diving, wining & dining 5 star restaurants, full body massage, shopping, iguana feeding, full body massage, swimming with the dolphins or just relaxing on the beach. The lots cost between 140k-160k each but for anyone that purchases in May you will get that same lot for only 125k. Because we are already offering 100,000 less than others, that’s a total saving of 125k, and close to 100k built in home equity and you own a place in paradise!!! On an ISLAND…the safest island and voted #3 top island in the world, thanks to Huffington post. I have access to these villas if anyone wants to fly down I can arrange your flight for you then the rest is on me when you get there. You will instantly fall in love. Why invest in a city when you can invest in a gated community on an island where cruise ships drop off millions of visitors just to see the island?!

Please contact me for more information or to access the website go to and enter using ‘rinachong’, SERIOUS INQUIRES only please.

This Award Winning Property has been featured in over 300 Major Publications ranging from CNN Money and the Wall Street Journal to appearances on House Hunters International and the Golf Channel.

Oh do I really have to have an infinity pool?

Oh do I really have to have an infinity pool?

These Villas Offer:

• 100 Percent Ownership.
• Up to 70% Financing.
• Instant Equity.
• Cash Flowing Rental Program and,
• Exclusive Pricing for our Canadian friends!

Even if you don't golf world class golf courses there is still plenty to do...

Even if you don’t golf world class golf courses there is still plenty to do…